Oh, my dear Guardian Angel, protect me from all dangers. Help me, so that I may remain a beloved child of my Jesus. Safeguard me from all dangers and bad dreams tonight.

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We need your support to continue our Mission. Angels' Army is a ministry which helps children to grow up knowing and experiencing God right from mother's womb; and supports parents in prayerfully receiving their children and bringing them up in divine grace and in communion with the Catholic Church.
A pious and holy generation - that is Angels' Army's aim.

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Blessed is the fruit of the womb. Pregnancy Leaflet

The leaflet prepared by the Pregnancy Wing of the Angels' Army Ministry that helps the expectant mother to spend the 9 months in fruitful prayer.

Support Pregnancy Mobile application developement

Support Pregnancy mobile application developement

We are developing a mobile application for pregnant families which will help them to remain there pregnancy period holy.

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